About Frans Rautenbach

Frans Rautenbach in ideally placed to drive the campaign of Can South Africa Work?. He has conducted extensive research and written two books on the subject of labour deregulation. For a period of several years from 2001 to 2006 he consulted to the governments of Uganda and Tanzania about labour law reform. He is a labour lawyer and an advocate by training, and a good public speaker. During the period 1994 to 2001 he made a living, amongst other things, by conducting speaking seminars on various aspects of labour law. In 2012 he was briefed, as part of the legal team on behalf of the Free Market Foundation, to participate in a constitutional challenge of section 32 of the Labour Relations Act. He is continues to write on labour law reform on topics such as on regulation and unemployment, the effect of union density on employment growth, why a national “labour pact” or “economic Codesa” will fail, and why bargaining council extensions cause unemployment.  Perhaps the most important reason justifying his involvement: He passionately believes in the cause of such a campaign.

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